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If you live in Ottawa or the surrounding area and are looking for help with relationship problems, anger management, depression, anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress, ocd, addictions or other struggles, simply fill out the confidential and easy to use OPC Psychotherapist Referral Form here, or call OPC at 416-920-WELL (9355).

About the OPC Referral Network for Therapy and Counselling in Ottawa

OPC's Ottawa Psychotherapists and Counsellors come from many different backgrounds and have been trained to integrate many types of therapy and counselling in their work with you.

The therapist or counselor you're referred to will be a graduate or a senior student associate of the Ontario Psychotherapist Training and Counseling Certificate Program. Graduates and Associates of the OPC Program meet professional standards established by associations of psychotherapists and counselors in Ontario and Canada-wide.

An experienced graduate of the OPC Program may be able to offer therapy on a sliding scale, and low cost counseling and therapy is offered with senior student therapists of the program.

An OPC Ottawa therapist can provide affordable and effective individual therapy and couples counselling, and help for dealing with problems in same-sex relationships, blended family, and parenting.

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The OPC Referral Network for Ottawa Therapists is a caring community of professionals -- we understand that finding a psychotherapist can be challenging, and we will work with you to find the right psychotherapist for you.

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OPC also refers to psychotherapists in many other cities throughout Ontario, including Peterborough, the Greater Toronto Area,  and Niagara -- simply select your city from the drop-down list on the Referral Form and you'll be contacted for an appointment with a therapist in your area.

Find a Toronto psychotherapist with our easy-to-use and confidential Referral Form here, or call 416-920-WELL (9355).