OPC's Thornhill Psychotherapists and Counselors

Find a Psychotherapist in Thornhill (or elsewhere in the GTA) through the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Referral Network

If you live in Thornhill, or elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area, and are looking for help with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, anger management, post-traumatic stress, OCD, addictions or other struggles, just fill out the confidential and easy to use OPC Psychotherapist Referral Form here, or call OPC at 416-920-WELL (9355).

Many people today are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with personal, interpersonal, work-related, financial and other life pressures. You are not alone in your struggle, and for many people, getting an appointment with a therapist offers an initial sense of relief as a first step toward gaining control and balance in your life.

The OPC Training Program is An Officially Recognized Educational and Training Program by the Ontario College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) 

About OPC's Thornhill Counselors & Therapists

OPC's Psychotherapy and Counseling Referral Network can match you with a counselor or psychotherapist in Thornhill and other GTA cities for individual therapy, couples counseling, and for issues unique to same-sex relationships, blended families, transgender people, or parenting.

OPC's Thornhill Psychotherapists and Counsellors have been trained in a range of psychotherapies and counseling techniques to help with depression, anxiety, PTSD, parenting and other relationship challenges, and other life issues you may be struggling with.

Affordable Psychotherapy and Counseling in Thornhill

Psychotherapy and counseling with experienced graduates of the Ontario Psychotherapy Training and Counseling Certificate Program can be provided on a sliding scale, and low cost counseling and therapy is offered with senior student therapists of the program. The OPC Training Program typically takes a minimum of five years to complete, and is geared to meeting and exceeding standards established by professional associations of psychotherapists and counselors.

The OPC Referral Network is a caring community of professionals -- we understand that finding effective, affordable psychotherapy in Thornhill can be challenging, and we will work with you to find the right psychotherapist for you.

Find a Thornhill psychotherapist with our easy-to-use and confidential Referral Form here, or call 416-920-WELL (9355).