OPC Referral Directory COVID19 Therapists

Volunteering to provide free therapy for frontline workers

During this pandemic, the OPC Referral Directory recognizes that there is a growing mental health crisis for those who are afraid for their physical health, concerned about their financial well-being , struggling with isolation and/or working on the front lines in health care or essential services like groceries, pharmacies, etc.

The OPC Referral Directory therapists have been discussing how to best meet these challenges and many have decided that they want to give of their time. And so, the Directory has created a list of our therapists (both RP’s and Student Therapists) who want to volunteer their time to assist health care workers and those who have lost their jobs during this current crisis.

These therapists have agreed to volunteer up to 5 online sessions for free to those in need during this crisis.

Therefore, if you wish to participate in this service, please fill out one of our request forms and please let us know that you are wanting to be referred to one of the OPC COVID19 Therapists who are volunteering their time.